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Definition of INJUNCTION • Law Dictionary •.

Preliminary Injunction. A temporary order made by a court at the request of one party that prevents the other party from pursuing a particular course of conduct until the conclusion of a trial on the merits. A preliminary injunction is regarded as extraordinary relief. What is an Injunction? What if you move into a new house, and your new neighbors play loud music in the middle of the night, every single day? What happens if a baseball stadium is built next to. Also known as a freezing or freeze injunction see snow-covered car, pictured. Often used to prevent a defendant from secreting assets out of the Court's jurisdiction as soon as the claim is served, to frustrate enforcement of the judgment.

The contents of a petition for injunction will vary based on the state in which you are filing and the nature of your case. In many common types of cases, such as instances where persons are asking for an order stopping harassment or in landlord-tenant disputes, courts often. prohibitory injunction: an injunction that prohibits the defendant from taking a particular action and maintains the positions of the parties until there is a hearing to determine the matter in dispute tem·po·rary injunction: preliminary injunction in this entry. Source: Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law ©1996. Merriam-Webster. injunction. n. a writ order issued by a court ordering someone to do something or prohibiting some act after a court hearing. The procedure is for someone who has been or is in danger of being harmed, or needs some help relief or his/her attorney, to a petition for the injunction to protect his/her rights; to b get an "order to show cause. Enforcing an Injunction. A district court can enforce its injunction when: 1 it is based on an interpretation of federal law, 2 the federal law's purpose and language in light of controlling federal decisions including the injunction is clear, and 3 the effect of the state program being implemented hampers the exercise of that federal. Injunction definition: An injunction is a court order, usually one telling someone not to do something. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

In English tort law, a super-injunction is a type of injunction that prevents publication of information that is in issue and also prevents the reporting of the fact that the injunction exists at all. The term was coined by a Guardian journalist covering the Trafigura controversy. Court injunction synonyms, Court injunction pronunciation, Court injunction translation, English dictionary definition of Court injunction. n. 1. The act or an instance of enjoining; a command, directive, or order. 2. Law A court order requiring a party to refrain from doing a particular act or. Preliminary Injunction Law and Legal Definition A preliminary injunction is a court order made in the early stages of a lawsuit or petition which prohibits the parties from doing an act in order to preserve the status quo until a pending ruling or outcome.

  1. In this case, he may request that the court issue an injunction, also referred to as “injunctive relief,” against the defendant. It is possible for the court to order injunctive relief under its own authority, whether the plaintiff has asked for it or not. To explore this concept, consider the following injunction definition.
  2. Definition of injunction: Court order forbidding something from being done prohibitory injunction, or commanding something to be done mandatory injunction. Injunctions are issued where mere award of damages at the end of a. Dictionary Term of the Day Articles Subjects BusinessDictionary Business Dictionary Dictionary Toggle navigation. Uh oh! You're not signed up. Sign Up Close.

injunction Writ or order by a court prohibiting a specific action from being carried out by a person or group. A preliminary injunction is granted provisionally, until a full hearing can be held to determine if it should be made permanent. Definition of PREVENTIVE INJUNCTION: a restraining order stopping a person from acting that differs from an affirmative injunction that makes them act. See restraining order. Injunction Definition: A court order that prohibits a party from doing something restrictive injunction or compels them to do something mandatory injunction. Related Terms: Mareva Injunction, Pendente Lite, Interlocutory Injunction, Ex Parte. Prohibitory injunctions: a quick guideby Practical Law Dispute ResolutionRelated ContentA prohibitory injunction requires a party to refrain from doing a specific act. This note summarises the purposes for which a prohibitory injunction may be granted and the procedure for applying to court for an interim prohibitory injunction. It also. An injunction in force may be terminated or modified by the court. Injunctions are today granted in many circumstances where courts of equity formerly refused to act. Thus, courts have ordered the performance of the terms of a contract contract, in law, a promise, enforceable by law, to perform or to refrain from performing some specified act.

Definition of Injunctive Relief. Noun. A court order requiring a person or entity to do, or to refrain from doing, a specified act. Origin. 1520-1530 Late Latin injunctiōn-What is Injunctive Relief. If someone wants another person or entity to stop doing something, he may file a civil lawsuit requesting injunctive relief. A hearing will be. injunction definition: The definition of an injunction is an order by the court to stop someone from doing something. noun An example of an injunction is an order by a court to command that a person stop revealing trade secrets belonging to his former e. An injunction is an order issued by a court that forces the defendant - a person, corporation or government entity - to do something or stop doing something, depending on what the plaintiff is requesting. In relatively rare cases, the court may issue a mandatory injunction, compelling a person, company, or governmental unit to take affirmative. An example of a preliminary injunction might be when a married couple owns a business, is going through a divorce, and there is a dispute as to who owns or controls the business.

The appeals court held that a general ban on the receipt of clippings from noncommercial sources violated the prisoner's First Amendment right to receive information, but that the district court injunction was overly broad and violated the Prison Litigation Reform Act PLRA.. injunction - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free.

An injunction is unlikely to be granted if there is any delay which cannot be satisfactorily explained. Contempt of court. A party who deliberately disobeys an injunction will be in contempt of court. Similarly, a third party with notice of the injunction, which assists a party to disobey it, may also be in contempt. The injunction will usually. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English injunction in‧junc‧tion / ɪnˈdʒʌŋkʃ ə n / noun [countable] 1 law SCL an order given by a court, which tells someone not to do something injunction against The family is seeking an injunction against the book’s publication. The judge refused to grant an injunction. injunction n. a writ order issued by a court ordering someone to do something or prohibiting some act after a court hearing. The procedure is for someone who has been or is in danger of being harmed, or needs some help relief or his/her attorney, to a petition for the injunction to protect his/her rights. You can apply for an ‘injunction’ if you’ve been the victim of domestic violence. An injunction is a court order that either: protects you or your child from being harmed or threatened by.

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