How To Do A Beautiful & Simple Ritual To Bring In More Self Love

Water Ritual
I use this ritual to bring in self love, but you can use it to bring in more of any positive emotion that you like. That emotion could be love, trust, courage, abundance, stability, etc., there are so many possibilities. This ritual basically involves “charging water” with prayer and intention and then bathing in that water. Which I know sounds quite out there but the process is actually quite sweet and simple.

How To Create The Ritual

  • You’ll first need to get yourself a new glass bowl about medium in size. Glass is important and new is important too. We don’t want the bowl to have been used for anything else.

  • You can cleanse the bowl each time you use it if you wish, but it’s really only important to cleanse it before its first use. My favourite way to cleanse is to use either white sage or palo santo. To use either simply burn (the sage or palo santo) until it smokes and then waft the smoke over the bowl. This process will get rid of any residues of energy from the store it came from and from anyone that picked it up. We want to begin with something clean and neutral. White sage will be the easiest to find, you can pick it up at most hippy sotre (like crystal and alternative book stores). If you don’t want to get sage or palo santo you can simply leave the bowl outside in direct sunlight for a day.

    Cleaning The Bowl

  • Next you need to fill the bowl up about 2/3 of the way with warm water. Use the best quality water that you can get your hands on. If you have access to rain water that’s excellent too.

  • Now comes the fun part – decoration! Add in items that you love and find are beautiful. For me I want to work with the elements of flowers and rocks so I put a big quartz crystal in the centre and some baby rose petals that I had from some flowering plants in my garden. I also used a rose essential oil to make the water smell beautiful. The oil with the warm water made my house smell wonderful for some time.

    Flower Bath

  • Now that we have a beautiful water bowl, we need to “charge the water” with our prayers and intentions. It doesn’t matter how long you do this step for, it could be as simple as one sentence or you might like to sit with the bowl and meditate for some time – it’s up to you! All you need to do is focus on the water and imagine the water crystals forming like beautiful snowflakes, then ask whatever positive emotion that you want to bring in to go into those water crystals. So this bowl of water ends up being somewhat of a bowl filled with that positive emotion.

  • The final step is to bath in it! You could pour the water over you in a bath or shower, or you can simply just use your hand to sprinkle the water over your body. You can use a towel if you wish but it’s better for the water to go directly on your skin from the bowl. You do not need to do this step immediately, you can leave the water to sit in your house for a while if you like. I made the mistake however of letting it sit for hours (it looks and smelt just so beautiful!!) and then I didn’t like the idea of bathing in the cold water. So if you live in a cold environment bathing in the water straight away is a better idea.

It’s good to do this ritual for 30 days for each emotion that you want to bring in. Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll love to see pictures of your water bowls!

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