Acne & Digestion – What’s The Link?

I see many High on Clear Skin clients who also have digestive problems, including bloating, diarrhea or constipation and indigestion. So what is the link?


The skin is one of your body’s systems of elimination to detoxify the body. Normally with a highly functioning liver, you will eliminate toxins through your bowels. However, if your digestive system is under functioning, the liver may use the skin to do this work, giving you acne. Check out Fran’s post on loving your liver.

Skin nutrients

If you have problems with your digestion, chances are you are not absorbing all the nutrients from your food. This means that your skin may not be receiving all the nourishment it needs from nutrients like zinc, silica, biotin etc. It may also not get all the anti-inflammatory nutrients like omega-3s to help fight the inflammation in the skin.


Following on from the lack of skin nutrients, you may not be absorbing enough good fats. Good fats are essential in making cholesterol, which is turn go on to make your hormones. If you are not digesting fats well due to problems with your liver you may not be making enough cholesterol overall for you hormones and thus, have insufficient progesterone and estrogen for optimal hormonal balance.

When you work with me, I help get your digestive system back on track, naturally with herbs, vitamins and diet and thus treat one of the possible underlying causes of your acne. Not only will your acne clear, it will increase your overall wellness, as your whole body will be nourished, not just your skin!

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