Time and again with clients I see them getting clearer and clearer skin and then right before full healing there is a moment of self-sabotage and the acne returns or the acne just continues to persist at a low level. Why does this happen?

After ticking all the boxes on the physical side, I delve deeper into the emotional and mental side of acne and it starts to become clear that it is because they are afraid of what it means to live with clear skin. This can happen with any condition, not just acne, when it is used as an excuse to not follow their dreams.

Have you ever told yourself not to do something because of your acne? Are you really just afraid to do it? It’s your dream and what if it doesn’t work out so isn’t it easier to use acne as an excuse to not try at all?  [click to continue…]



My lovely friend Judy from HighOnHealth.ca has kindle gifted one of you lucky readers with an acne treatment pack from her natural skin care line. [click to continue…]


Cleansing acne inflamed or acne prone skin is best done as gently as possible. Most commercial skin care cleansers are too harsh on the skin, and can cause dryness or a skin imbalance over time. Here are three of the best options that I personally use and recommend to my clients to cleanse their acne inflamed or acne prone skin.

1. Raw Honey

Raw honey [click to continue…]


I often recommend a B-complex vitamin in my work, and not just to vegans and vegetarians. B-complex vitamins and essential for a healthy, happy reproductive hormonal and adrenal system, and when we are low or deficient we may have trouble keeping our acne away.

For vegans and vegetarians I always recommend to either be on a B12 supplement or to at least get a blood test for B12 done yearly.

But it is very, very important to take the correct type of B12, as the wrong type can actually be bad for your health.

The most common form of Vitamin B12 found in most vitamin supplements is a synthetic form called cyanocobalamin, which is the one that I highly recommend that you do not take. [click to continue…]


When clients book in to see myself and Fran, one of the first things we tend to do is clean up their diet and help their liver to detoxify as major causes of acne are diet and liver problems. I often need to warn clients about the possibility of a detox reaction. This is an important topic as many clients stop their treatment because they think that it is making them worse, however, often the case is that it is just going through a healing process before getting better.


What is a detox reaction?

A detox reaction, often also called a healing crisis is when the body starts to detoxify from all kinds of toxins causing symptoms such as:

  • Worsening of acne
  • Diarrhoea
  • Body odour
  • Nausea

You might have heard the saying – you need to get worse before you get better and this is what it’s about. [click to continue…]