How To Get Clear

The treatment of your acne is best done holistically, meaning we want to take your whole physical, energetic and emotional body into consideration, and not just the acne symptom itself.

External treatments such as skin care products and facials rarely work on their own, because they are only treating the symptom, not the actual cause of the acne. And while prescription topical treatments can work temporarily, the acne usually returns after the topical is discontinued.

We want to get right down to that root cause of your acne and to heal it. This way we can completely get rid of our acne, and you no longer have to rely on using a product or taking a supplement for the rest of your life. Sure you may have acne prone skin, but you don’t have to always have acne.

The following list is a summary of the best way to heal your skin as an adult woman (over the age of 17). Each link can also be accessed from this list or in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Please take your time to go through the information, and if you have any questions or you’d like me to look at your unique case, then book in an appointment and we’ll get you clear.

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