Stress Less

Stress is at the root of many of our health problems. Live a simple, happy and stress free life and your health is going to improve dramatically.

Our stress levels do affect our skin, and here’s why.

Whenever we feel stress or our adrenaline increases, our stress hormone (cortisol) levels rise. When our body doesn’t naturally have enough cortisol, it “borrows” our progesterone to convert it into cortisol to use. If we’re consistently experiencing stress and raising our cortisol levels, then we can cause our progesterone to become too low. And low progesterone can mean a range of hormonal imbalances including estrogen dominance and high levels of androgens – both being basic root causes of acne.

Unfortunately our body grants priority over stress hormones than sex hormones. So we’re likely to produce cortisol if needed over estrogen or androgens. This means if we’re deficient in one of our sex hormones but are experiencing high levels of stress, then our sex hormones can possibly remain deficient.

In addition, the more cortisol we have in our bloodstream then the more sensitive we are to stressful events. So if you’re already feeling somewhat stressed, then little things can easily further push you over the edge and cause your body to produce even more cortisol if it can.

How to reduce stress

There are many different ways to reduce stress levels and what method you choose will depend on what you enjoy doing with your spare, and what makes you feel relaxed. You can try anything from yoga and meditation to exercise or taking a bath. Make a list of everything that you can do to reduce your stress levels and try to make that list a reality.

How To Work With Me

SkypeWe can work together on Email or Skype from anywhere in the world. In our appointment I’ll let you know what the root cause of your acne is, and then the best treatment plan for it. The idea is to get you clear as quickly as possible!

These Email or Skype appointments save you a lot of time, guess work, and of course money – no longer will you use the wrong treatments or supplements.

Click here to book in your appointment or to find out more about what they entail.

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  • Ijeoma March 24, 2016, 11:04 pm

    Thank you for the information. I will like to receive emails from you. I have been living with acne for a long time now. I have been trying to conceive for about 2yrs now with no luck,. The only difference I noticed which reduced my acne a bit was when I started using progesteron cream which i used for 2months at 60mg per day in divided doses, but haven’t used it this month. I also started using vitex and have used it for only 3weeks, So far I have seen good results and I also ovulated, but my acne is still there only reduced a little bit. I am using nature’s way vitex capsules. I am using 800mg/day 400mg early morning before breakfastand the other 400mg before dinner On the bottle, it says to use 2 or 3 times per day. I am wondering if I should increase to 3 times. I will like to know what advice you have to give me

    • Fran March 29, 2016, 2:03 am

      Hi Ljeoma, it sounds like you do have a progesterone deficiency but they may be more pieces to the puzzle. Please book in a consultation so that I can better help you.

  • Layla February 17, 2015, 3:19 am

    If the usual recommendations (lavender-scented bath, yoga, meditating, playing with kittens, etc) haven’t worked for you so far… that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. You’re doing your best. You don’t need to be abused by the articles about stress – these articles make it seem like you’re choosing to decrease your health and quality of life, accusing you of wanting to be held back by stress. Dude, I know that’s not what you want. I suspect you’re just learning adaptive ways to cope with stress.

    What helped me? I went to see a therapist twice, and CBT really helped. Because my internal experience of life was bad enough, I was super open to change even if it means uncertainty and leaving some things behind (“I know I left a life behind but I’m too relieved to grieve.”) I spent a lot of time in my room trying and learning that I can cope, and through the internet I learned a lot about personal change and adaptive coping mechanisms (and became really fascinated by stories of people in therapy).

    What I’m trying to say is: sometimes it’s not that easy to “just stress less.” People will continue to be kind of condescending about it, but their attitude is their own damn problem. You are strong and worthy and your struggle is valid, and it may not seem like you’re getting anywhere but you are. Slowly but surely. You can cope with slightly more than you could yesterday, and same for tomorrow.

  • Bre November 13, 2014, 3:27 am

    Is it okay to use a natural progesterone supplement if you have high stress, low progesterone and high testosterone? Will the body convert even more cortisol from the added progesterone? Or will the progesterone give some relief and balance?

  • Caitlin October 23, 2014, 5:40 pm

    This is my exact problem! I have severe anxiety and when my face flares up, it gets even worse and I dwell on it, day and night!
    Does estroblock work for this as well??

    • Fran October 26, 2014, 10:32 pm

      Hi Caitlin, it depends what the root is of your anxiety. It could be purely emotional, or from a direct or combination of physical imbalances. EstroBlock on its own is unlikely to get rid of your anxiety.

  • Saba Aziz April 11, 2014, 12:03 am

    Hi, I found you through YouTube and I really really hope you can help me. I’m writing to you out of complete desperation; I’m actually sitting in the bathroom crying right now because I’m just so upset about my acne. I feel like I do everything right but it’s not going away. I really really need your help, or any help. :'(

    • Fran April 17, 2014, 1:37 pm

      Hi Saba, you can book in an Email or Skype consultation and I can help you work out the root cause of your acne and get you on the best treatment plan. You can book in directly from here:

      Don’t worry, we’ll get you clear!

  • leora September 6, 2013, 7:47 am

    Hi Fran!

    Thank you for this new web-sight.. I want to sign up for a consultation with you but just had a few questions first…

    Will you make an actual plan for us to clear skin through the consultation.. is it necessary for us to have read through most of your web sight.. books.. etc before the consultation?

    I went to a homeopath and started taking herbs recently for my acne and it hasn’t done much ( its been about 2 weeks).. and I have been on and off estro block ( heard about it through Tracy… and thats how i found out about you) but estroblock didn’t do much for me so i stopped..but again is started because I’m impatient and really want my skin to get better ….I feel like i’ve tried everything.. vitamins, supplements, no dairy, no this no that.. and my skin has gotten better, and worse, and better.. but still not cured.. and its just very sad. Seems like my body is so resistant to everything. I’m 19 years old and its been one year since I’ve had acne .. All started after i took a low dosage birth control for only one month .. last august ( was supposed to get married but my engagement broke off) .. and after that i’ve had a very hard time with my face..

    so just want to know what you would be able to help me with on a consultation and what it is exactly.. because honestly it is a lot of money for me but being that its on sale now i think i should do it.. I’ve read many things online so not sure if its more general info and a chat.. or you will give me guidance etc on what you think…

    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Thank you

    • Fran September 6, 2013, 5:19 pm

      Hi Leora,

      Thank you for connecting and visiting the site 🙂 It is not necessary for you to have read through all of the content before you book in a consultation. You may be more motivated AFTER the consultation to read through it.

      In the appointment we’ll be working out the best treatment plan for you, with consideration to your lifestyle, unique root cause of your acne and what you’ve already been working on.

      I have never heard of homeopathy having great results for acne unfortunately, as much as I respect homeopathy. In our appointment we can look into your dosage and consistency of estroblock. And it will also be important for us to delve a little into that emotional stuff from your broken engagement.. love to heart.

      I look forward to working with you 🙂 <3

      Fran x

      • Leora September 8, 2013, 3:10 am

        Thank you so much Fran… I just booked my appointment..

        Also I had taken a saliva hormone test through Nick.. who makes estro block.. about 2 weeks ago so I’m hoping I’ll have my results by the time of our appointment next week.

        Looking forward.. Hopefully you can make me clear.. :(..


        • Fran September 9, 2013, 2:56 pm

          Great Leora! I look forward to seeing you then and I’m curious to know what your hormone testing says too 🙂