Is Your Acne Caused By An Allergy To Cosmetics?

I met a beautiful woman in Peru who was was passing through on a tour from the United States. We got to spend a day together, and I knew that she was dealing with problem skin but I didn’t mention anything about how I could help her until later in the day when we talked about our professions. The thing is her acne didn’t look like “typical” acne, I could tell there was something very different about it. So when she mentioned that her skin had gone from perfectly clear to completely broken out all of a sudden not long after she arrived in Peru, I realised that she was likely either dealing with a massive detoxification or an allergy, and that her problem skin was not quite acne but more of a rash that looked like acne.

She was in her late 30’s so way past typical “acne problem hormonal acne”. It was most interesting to me how her skin had gone from beautifully clear to what looked similar to severe acne in such a short period of time. She told me how she’d been doing lots of work on herself in Peru and I wondered if that was what had happened. I thought that perhaps she’d delved so deep with her inner work that her body was just pushing as much emotional gunk out as it could in such a short amount of time that skin had developed this bad rash like acne.

We talked a little about what she could do and then she left for the United States and I didn’t hear form her again for some months.

Close to six months later she wrote to me and said that she’d finally found out what had happened. After seeing multiple conventional and natural practitioners she’d finally found out that she had a severe allergy to the Moroccan Oil products that she started using just as she came to Peru. This made sense to me because I didn’t understand how her skin had become that bad in such a short period of time, and the fact that it looked just as much like a rash as it did like acne.

The solution was easy – she stopped using the product and her skin returned to normal.

If you have never typically experienced acne (not even mild acne) in your adult years and you all of a sudden have developed moderate to severe acne, then consider an allergy to a new product you’re using. It could be an easy answer!

And if you’re not sure and you’d like to discuss what has happened with your skin, then book in for a consultation and we’ll sort it out.

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  • Lipstick March 24, 2016, 8:31 pm

    I suddenly broke out a couple days after i saw my ex. My skin is super sensitive and what I think happened was the lipstick she was wearing, we were kissi,g intensly and the lipstick smeared over my mouth area and a week later i had broken out with different type of pimple like bumps under my chin . I’m almost sure it’s because of her lipstick

  • Curious October 16, 2015, 2:44 am

    Hi! Love your article! I had clear beautiful skin all through high school and into college! Always got compliments on my skin! Suddenly at 22, after moving back to Georgia (from California) I got these crazy break outs on my cheeks like nothing id ever seen before! My sister and my mom have never had skin problems so it was bizarre to me ! It’s even rare for my brother and my dad to have one pimple and all the sudden I had these clusters of pimples on my cheeks out of nowhere! Almost a year later, and my skin has cleared a bit but it feels as though something altered it completely! I am very clean with my diet and stay consistent with exercise! When I first moved back I started a program at a salon and a couple months in had me breaking out bad! Not sure if the exposure to new chemicals for long hours had that kind of an effect on my skin! Wish I could get back to the way it was before!

    • Shocked September 29, 2016, 8:27 am

      Same exact thing happened to me! I’ve the same personal and family history of the very rare pimple and near-perfectly clear skin throughout Highschool and college. Then I moved to Georgia in mid-August and suddenly by the end of the month started noticing what looks like a sever acne breakout on both sides of my cheeks. The only possible cause I can think of is the old blush that I tried on one day around the time I moved here, seeing as the blush region on both cheeks is the problem area. I bought store-packaged aloe Vera and tried that over the last week to not much avail. Trying tea tree oil diluted with aloe Vera this week… this is so upsetting as it’s gotten so bad and I’ve never had this issue before.