The Last Course On Acne

After years of practice, I decided that it was important to write a compilation of everything that I had learned throughout the journey of my work. As you can imagine, having treated literally thousands of women, I had noticed many similarities in the typical “acne sufferer” along with various indications that quickly point to the underlying issue. I now know acne like the back of my hand, to the point where I can diagnose and recommend in most cases in about twenty minutes, simply from following my own formula born from years of clinical observation, treatment and intuition.

It had also become obvious to me that the medical profession, both conventional and alternative, rarely understood acne completely. I’m quite certain this is because it has always been considered a phase that people (usually teenagers) grow out of, and so it was never taken quite seriously enough. Or it is considered as simply a symptom of a greater issue (which is true), so the greater issue is focused on with a long delayed visual relief for the emotionally distraught acne sufferer. And whilst natural medicines take into account a holistic approach, far too often the diagnosis stops at the level of the digestive system and the hormonal system is not taken into consideration in treatment resulting often in a slight improvement but not a cure.

But as adult women we know, oh boy do we know, how difficult socially and emotionally it is to deal with acne as an adult.

This course is designed to pass on my complete acne knowledge to you. This course will be helpful if you want to become a practitioner in treating acne, or if you simply just want to understand your own problem skin better. Through this course I will be guiding you through all aspects of adult acne, including both diagnosis and treatment.

Overview of the course

You can do the course in two different ways – you can become a certified High on Clear Skin acne practitioner, or you can use it for your own self study. The cost of receiving the certificiation is higher than just utilising the course for your own self study. Herbalists and natural therapists may also chose the cheaper option to see my insight into treating acne.

Time frame

The course will run over several months, with each new module being delivered monthly. At the end of the learning material if you wish to become certified, you will need to complete an assessment item of 10 real life case studies of client sessions via Email. Once you complete the certification you will be qualified to advertise as a practitioner on the High on Clear Skin site. If you do not wish to become certified, you do not need to do any of the assessments.

Ongoing support

All paid students will be in a private FaceBook group where you can ask questions and help to support each other during the course material. I will of course be in there helping out answering questions.

Course outline

Here is a course outline. Each module will be sent each month. Note this course outline may be modified.

Module 1: What is acne?

  • What exactly is acne?
  • The difference between the types of acne
  • What are blackheads and white heads?
  • Is acne genetic?
  • What is “superficial” and “chronic” acne?
  • When it’s not acne
  • The difference between symptomatic and root cause or imbalance and why a holistic approach is essential
  • Why I don’t usually work with teens

Module 2: Superficial acne

  • The causes of superficial acne
  • How to recognise and diagnose superficial acne
  • How to treat superficial acne

Module 3: Chronic acne and hormones! (Part 1)

  • How to recognise and diagnose chronic acne
  • The pattern and type of acne, and linking it to hormones
  • Estrogen dominance and its causes, and how to treat it
  • Low progesterone and its causes, and how to treat it

Module 4: Chronic acne and hormones! (Part 2)

  • Hyperandrogenism and its causes, and how to treat it
  • Androgen sensitivity and its causes, and how to treat it

Module 5: Chronic acne and other causes

  • Systemic candida and parasites
  • Antibiotic use
  • Pyroluria
  • The digestive and elimination systems

Mdoule 6: How to safely come off synethic birth control

  • What happens to the body on synthetic birth controls
  • What happens to the body after coming off synthetic birth controls
  • What supplements can be taken to prevent acne
  • What to take if there is an acne breakout
  • Safe natural methods of birth control

Module 7: All about diet

  • Breaking myths about diet and acne
  • Why there is no one diet that works for everyone with acne
  • Is being vegan actually good for clearning acne?
  • Why I don’t always recommend diet changes to clients
  • The best diet for acne
  • Orthorexia

Module 8: Skin care

  • When skin care matters, and why it often never does
  • The best skin care for severe acne or damaged skin
  • How to make good skin care choices
  • When oils are good for acne, and when they’re not

Module 9: Skin picking and the emotions behind acne

  • Why picking it is never a good idea
  • Why we pick and get so obcessive about it
  • Dealing with anxiety, depression and social isolation
  •  How to counsel clients through the emotional difficult of having acne

Module 10: What the doctor ordered

  • Integrating pharmaceutical prescriptions with holistic methods – how they can work together
  • What orthodox treatments are okay and what are best avoided
  • Making the decision to go natural, orthodox or a combination, and respecting a clients decision

Module 11: Conducting an acne treatment session

  • How to be prepared
  • What questions need to be asked
  • My email input form and why I have asked each question
  • Why photos or an image of the skin in video is important
  • Skype versus email appointments
  • Cost and time allocated

Assessment (Optional)

  • Conduct 10 real life Email sessions that give a treatment plan and diagnosis. These sessions must be free of charge.
  • Submit for marking.

What is the cost of the course?

The full course is US$100.00

You can enroll into the course by clicking here.


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